Spur of the moment giveaway

From midnight on 1/27, that’s ten minutes or so, until the end of the month my entire published career will break loose! They’ve been snorting and chomping for days and the doors won’t hold them any longer. The cracks are widening even as I write this. They are going to break free. There’s nothing more I can do. Oh no. . .

They’re FREE!

Careful out there


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Click the link to capture them



Author: realmromeo

I tell stories. I always have. I write and I paint and I train. Everyday. I love movies and comic books. I've been an extra in an Oscar Nominated HBO Movie. I hitch-hiked across the country. I laugh, I love and I bleed. Just like you. We share something very special, you and I. Life. Send me an email if you're interested in having me be an extra (starring roles considered) or if you'd like a fridge magnet. I paint them. They're really cool.

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