Ip Man with Bruce Lee

This picture hangs on the wall behind me. I see it in the mirror as I practice my ever first Wing Chun form. The first Wing Chun form. The foundation of a legacy.

Siu Lim Tao, meaning “little idea” is deceptive.  It appears so simple. My mind doesn’t wander. I focus on the first step. Over and over and over. I do it at home more.

Later, when my body hurts I realize how correct Sifu was. The muscles are learning which ones will do what. What ones I shall dictate do what. I’m not used to this. It’s the first brick. It has to set correctly. It’s a change.

Wing Chun (spring chant) is an intriguing art. Nobody really knows it’s beginnings. There’s this legend of a woman who invented it. Yim Wing-Chun. “The only martial art invented by a woman!” I’ve said to people assuming the role of erudite teacher on the topic. When really, I know nothing. But the legend is fantastic and why not share a good story. I enjoy it.

Read it here.

I also know of Ip Man, Sifu of Bruce Lee (“He trained him? Hmm.”) and Grandmaster of Wing Chun. I’ve seen the movies. They’re awesome. Highly recommend. But I also know Ip Man told this story as well and I find some comfort in that.

I think about how some Grandmasters would scoff and whisper behind their hands of “American kung fu!” and laugh and laugh and laugh. I find myself frightened and a little insulted. But anger is not the way. Too much of that has been a stain on my existence. So I shall try a new way.

The way of  永春 “eternal springtime”.

I like the sound of that.


Author: realmromeo

I tell stories. I always have. I write and I paint and I train. Everyday. I love movies and comic books. I've been an extra in an Oscar Nominated HBO Movie. I hitch-hiked across the country. I laugh, I love and I bleed. Just like you. We share something very special, you and I. Life. Send me an email if you're interested in having me be an extra (starring roles considered) or if you'd like a fridge magnet. I paint them. They're really cool.

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