Good morrow

20150509_075215_HDRMorning thoughts are often the most pure as well as the most fuddled. I try to greet each day as a new opportunity. A chance to start again.

Being mindful when the mind is still half asleep has always been easy for me. Focusing is simpler the less cluttered the mind is.

I can concentrate on a story or a scene or attempt to unravel a knot of thought that had me thoroughly vexed the day before. As the dream dew is burnt off by sips of coffee I get closer. I move forward. That’s what I strive for. Progress.

What time is best for you to contemplate your thoughts?


Author: realmromeo

I tell stories. I always have. I write and I paint and I train. Everyday. I love movies and comic books. I've been an extra in an Oscar Nominated HBO Movie. I hitch-hiked across the country. I laugh, I love and I bleed. Just like you. We share something very special, you and I. Life. Send me an email if you're interested in having me be an extra (starring roles considered) or if you'd like a fridge magnet. I paint them. They're really cool.

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