Making moves

This shot has always inspired me. It was amazing. Defiance of odds, an instinctual move showcasing extraordinary skill. Watch it here.

Michael Jordan’s gravity-defying layup in Game 2 of the 1991 Finals was the stuff of legend. Andrew D. Bernstein/ NBAE/ Getty Images

I’ve been at a standstill recently and since I was young, I knew that constant movement was important. Like a shark if I cease to roam, I’ll die. Which leads to this post.

Aside from a few free giveaway downloads and two FIVE STAR reviews of the Atrocitus, there has been next to no movement. I’m at a standstill. I am floored by the reviews and the fact that at least two people liked it. But my insatiable lust wants me to do more.

The massive amount of time spent on Reddit and Twitter and G+ and FB, putting up links, re-wording them and posting on different message boards is exhausting. In between the re-makings of posts I jumped back to the “stats” section to see how things were faring.

The stats on this blog were FUCKING AMAZING! A single sub of Reddit (THANK YOU r/creepy!) was responsible for more than 900+ views in a single day. That is impressive. What’s not so impressive is the slack off. The next days there were drips. One to twelve, maybe. Without relentless posting, it seems nobody gives a crap. Expected, I’m not a household name.

So, I can bring people in but I have no staying power. No persuasiveness either because the stats for the Atrocitus weren’t even half that good. Which may speak to the quality of the book itself. I hope not.

The reviews are good, but there are other avenues which need pursuing in order to find out for sure. So, I’m looking into a few other sites. Moving. That’s how he made the shot. Move, So, I plan to.

KindleBoards and D2D are both places I plan on using.

Do you use these? How has it worked for you? Any others that are of use that you’d like to share?


Author: realmromeo

I tell stories. I always have. I write and I paint and I train. Everyday. I love movies and comic books. I've been an extra in an Oscar Nominated HBO Movie. I hitch-hiked across the country. I laugh, I love and I bleed. Just like you. We share something very special, you and I. Life. Send me an email if you're interested in having me be an extra (starring roles considered) or if you'd like a fridge magnet. I paint them. They're really cool.

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