So, the phone is pretty useless for posts yet my insane hubris goads me into trying anyway. The keyboard wouldn’t pop up at first. Then, the box I’m typing in is all but impossible to see and the best part is, my laptop is in the other room but I’m entirely too lazy to get up and get it.

That, dear reader, is not good.

Procrastination is the assassin of imagination. You can quote me, it’s fine. Share away. The awful truth is that I’m a connoisseur of putting things off. For instance, this.

The posts are due on Monday, as dictated by my challenge brain, but I shluffed it off because when you’re your own editor-in-chief and the sole employee, well sometimes both call in to the job. So, nothing gets done. Until the owner of the company shows up. When that happens, you see how much of a mess you’ve almost made of things. The owner smacks the bullshit out of you and you run to get things done you could have accomplished yesterday. Or when it was supposed to be done. Now, there’s a mad rush because you almost failed. Almost lost through apathy and ennui.

A man once said to me “You’re not going to make it far in life with that attitude.” -“What attitude?” I sneered. – “The ‘I don’t give a shit attitude.'”.

He was right.


Author: realmromeo

I tell stories. I always have. I write and I paint and I train. Everyday. I love movies and comic books. I've been an extra in an Oscar Nominated HBO Movie. I hitch-hiked across the country. I laugh, I love and I bleed. Just like you. We share something very special, you and I. Life. Send me an email if you're interested in having me be an extra (starring roles considered) or if you'd like a fridge magnet. I paint them. They're really cool.

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